Locked Out, a Dangerous Situation

Locked out without a local locksmith?

You might not want to admit it, but you’ve been locked out at one time or another. You may have been locked out of your house or your car. You might have left your key in the trunk, or broke the dang thing. Everyone knows being locked out isn’t the greatest feeling in the world. Lets put an end to that! Hawk Locksmith wants to show you how to never get locked out again!



Getting locked out is not only a hassle, it could be dangerous. You might be locked out of your house with no phone, then what? If you don’t live in the greatest neighborhood this can be a bad situation. What if your dog is left inside the car with the keys? What if you don’t have a phone to find a locksmith? This is something no one should suffer through. Don’t put yourself in these nasty spots.


Spare Keys!

Yeah, it’s as simple as that. Keep a spare key in your wallet or your purse since they never leave your side. You may have forgotten and locked your keys in the trunk after unloading the groceries, but your wallet is still in your pocket, or your purse is still by your side. The extra reminder that you have a spare key will probably be enough to stop you from locking your keys away.



Of course if you leave your purse or wallet with your keys, you will be out of luck anyway. Call a local locksmith in your area for their lockout services. Many companies offer 24/7 locksmiths that can fix your problem any day at any time. Hawk can even get you going on the holidays!

Three Important Things to know About Locks

Locks are obviously one of the best way to secure a home or business. What are locks really all about though?


First a you need to know how a lock works. A lock consists of a plug, a cylinder, the pins, and the springs. A lock cylinder is the center piece that holds the bottom pins, it also holds the key. When the key is inserted the, pins will line up and the plug can turn inside the cylinder. The cylinder holds the pins and the springs.


Lock Maintenance

Just like anything, locks need maintenance. Locks can become dirty and hard to use if not taken care of properly. You should lubricate your locks with graphite and not any oils as this will attract dust to all moving parts of your locks. Brush your locks off too so they will not become dirty. You always want your locks to be clean and lubricated. Consult with locksmith professionals before performing any maintenance on your locks.


Lock Repair

Sometimes a lock will need repaired because it is not working, or it may be hard to use. Locks sometimes need to be taken apart, readjusted, and sometimes parts will need to be replaced. A cylinder repair may need to be done, or another repair may need to be made. Sometimes a whole new lock will need to be installed. Call your local locksmith for all home and business lock repairs.


Lock Replacement

It’s recommended that you change your locks every so often. The reason for this is because you want to be the only person with a key, and you want to stay up to date with lock technology. You may have loaned your keys to someone or you may have lost your extra key. Lock replacement is essential for home and business security.