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Locksmiths Contribute to the Community

Getting yourself locked out of your car is never a good experience. Still, this situation can happen at anytime. If you get locked out of your car or if you lost your key, a good locksmith can help solve your problem. Most locksmith companies provide auto locksmithing services. An auto locksmith specializes in vehicle entry and transponder programming.


Auto locksmiths are trained on breaking and opening car locks, from the simplest locks to the trickiest ones. Currently, most cars are equipped with advanced security locking systems on doors to prevent theft. Recent models of cars are now more secure. However, if using an auto locksmith is the last resort, it will be harder for an emergency locksmith to open your locked car if it is a recent model. Home locks and car locks are completely different.


Auto locksmithing is a specialized field of locksmithing that not all locksmiths can do. To be able to open different types of car doors that use diverse types of security systems requires careful studying and special skills. A good 24 hour locksmith should have the technical know how to unlock the advanced locking systems in today’s car doors without causing any damage to the system. Unlocking car door today is not an easy task. In the past when car doors were simpler, all one needed to do is find a gap in the car window, wedge in a piece of metal and try to flip the lock. However, unlocking today’s car doors require more advanced equipment and technical skill.


Most auto locksmith services are available at any hour. That’s because getting locked out of your car can happen anytime, even at odd hours of the night. This is probably the most important contribution to the community a locksmiths makes. An auto locksmith will come to your aid anytime you need it. This is especially important in cases when you have a child or a pet inside the locked car. This type of situation needs a fast and urgent response.


Here at Hawk Locksmith we provide emergency locksmith service 24/7. Make sure you have our phone number in your phone, it’s better to be safe than sorry. For all your Seattle locksmith needs, call in the Hawk, Hawk Locksmith.

Growing Locksmith scammers hurt legitimate companies.

The rise of smartphones and mobile web searches is fueling a ripoff that targets people looking for a locksmith.

Hundreds of times a day in South Florida, people are being victimized by what’s known as “copycat” locksmiths using the names of legitimate businesses, fake addresses and phone numbers that funnel calls to boiler rooms with dozens of phone lines, experts say.

“When you Google ‘locksmith,’ nine out of 10 times the numbers that come up are not for legitimate locksmiths,” said Barry Roberts, an attorney with an office in Palm Beach Gardens, who represents the Associated Locksmiths of America. “It has really grown exponentially with the Internet and with the voice-over-IP phones,” which turn simple telephone signals into digital data that can be sent anywhere.

“You can’t tell where anybody really is.”

Driving the trend is that people don’t always plan to call locksmiths, instead turning to them in an emergency, for example, when they’re unexpectedly locked out of their home or car. Also, locksmiths aren’t licensed, which opens the field to workers with little training.
The epidemic is putting consumers’ security at risk and costing brick-and-mortar companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business.

“The tip off is they won’t give a written estimate, and they want payment upfront. They want cash. They will take the ATM card and ask people to get money out,” Roberts said. “It gets consumers at their most vulnerable.”
If someone answers the phone with a generic “locksmith” or “locksmith’s service,” or “Florida locksmith” rather than a company name, it’s most likely not a legitimate locksmith, Roberts said.
Be wary of a worker who shows up in an unmarked vehicle, isn’t wearing a company uniform and doesn’t carry business cards, work orders or an invoice with the company’s name, he said.

No need to worry, Hawk has you covered.
Hawk Locksmith is a legitimate family owned business with a storefront in Seattle, WA. We are a top notch Seattle locksmith company. For emergencies remember to put our number in your phone, your parents phone, and your kids phone, just in case. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. We offer emergency locksmith services 24/7, for great quality work at a great price, call in the Hawk, Hawk Locksmith.

Read more: http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/region_c_palm_beach_county/west_palm_beach/growing-locksmith-scammer-problem-hurts-consumers-legitimate-companies#ixzz27h9HBUmZ

“Ghost” Locksmiths crowd Google

Licensed locksmiths are warning consumers about a new breed of online imposters.

The so-called “ghost locksmiths” place deceptive Google advertisements that make it seem like they operate out of storefronts on main streets around America.
In reality the ads are mirages that lead, not to local merchants, but to far-flung call centers that dispatch mostly anonymous, unlicensed men who call themselves locksmiths.
“These people are ghosts. You can’t find them,” says Paul Gibilisco, a master locksmith who operates out of Old Bridge, NJ.
“They use fake addresses to make people feel comfortable that they’re local,” says David Rible, a master locksmith who operates out of Point Pleasant, NJ. “These people are coming out making the locksmith industry as a whole look like rip-off artists.”

Don’t get scammed. For all your Seattle locksmith needs, call in the Hawk, Hawk Locksmith.
A local Seattle area locksmith with a store front. For great quality at a great price give us a call today.

The History Of Locksmithing

A Long History
The history of locks and locksmithing began a very long time ago. Locks were used on city gates and places that needed secured as far back as the old testament. They were made of wood and were not nearly as secure as the locks of the 21st century. Locks today have pins and tumblers, and have advanced very far since those days.

Romans and Locks
The Romans created the first metal locks based on the ancient Egyptians first locks. These locks had pins, keys, and keyholes. The Romans made these keys with very decorative with flowery designs. Their locksmith solutions were not the greatest, but they were somewhat ahead of their time. The Romans also made miniature keys that could be worn as rings, a very useful fashion accessory. These locks were relatively easy to pick, but they were the blueprints to the modern pin and tumbler locks today.

Modern Technology
Today master locksmiths have created amazing locks that are virtually impossible to open without a key. Today we have 24/7 locksmiths that can show up at your door anytime! The locksmithing industry has grown leaps and bounds since the old days. People can now put locks on their cars, homes, businesses, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Emergency locksmith services are even available today.

Without the early beginnings of the locksmith trade, locks may have looked a lot different. Some locks today still use some of the same concepts that the early egyptians and Romans had implemented. There is a lot of very interesting information out there on the history of locksmiths, go check it out for yourself!

3 Ways to Avoid Being Robbed While Out of Town

Lights On!
This is a simple effective way to discourage robbers from entering your home. Leave a couple lights on in your house that can be seen from your front and back windows. People assume that you are home when the lights are on! You may also try leaving a large object next to your window. This object will cast a shadow on your blinds and discourage criminals because they will think that shadow is yours!

Strong Locks
No criminal will be able to steal your belongings if they can’t get in. Have your local locksmith install high security locks on all your doors and windows. You can call your 24 hour locksmith to schedule a time to install to install new locks. Criminals will move onto the next house if they can’t get in easily.

People You Can Trust
This usually refers to your neighbors or family. Have them pick up your newspapers and anything left on your door. Sometimes when a criminal sees many things piled up by your door they know you are on vacation. Also another tip is to have your neighbor park in your driveway while you are gone. Criminals will assume you are home and your possessions will be safe.

Call your local locksmith today to schedule a time to have new locks installed. Locksmiths are experts on the subject of home security, so pick their brains while you’re at it!

3 Reasons to Use Hawk Locksmith

Locksmith Professionals
Hawk Locksmith employs highly trained locksmith professionals. Our teams will be sure to meet your security needs. If you are stranded in the middle of the night and don’t have your keys, we can help you with our 24/7 locksmith service! The only way you can have the best work done is with the best trained locksmiths in the state.

Friendly Service
We only hire the best of the best. Hawk Locksmith is known for having friendly professional locksmiths. You don’t have to worry who in going to show up at your door, our friendly professionals make locksmith work look easy. Call us today to have a seattle locksmith at your door!

Great Deals
Here at Hawk we strive to be the best, and that’s why we offer huge deals! Come see us today and ask about our amazing residential locksmith deals and our commercial locksmith deals. We even give the elderly and people who have served in the U.S. military discounts! Hawk is here to give you the best locksmith work at the lowest price around.