How To Prevent Car Theft

Car theft is no longer unusual in the United States and the chances of recovering a stolen car are very slim. This is why it is important that you protect your car, even if it is old, because it is a hard earned investment that is not easy to come by. Unfortunately, no one can tell if they can become a victim of auto theft, so taking the necessary precautions for your car from being stolen is the best thing to do. Since newer models will have theft deterrent devices, the most likely models to be stolen are those that are a little older. Thus, applying theft prevention methods on your car is to your own benefit. Continue reading

Top notch Seattle area locksmith

Especially when dealing with the security of your home, office or car, find a company BEFORE you need it. For all your locksmith needs, call in the Hawk, Hawk Locksmith. We are a top notch Seattle area locksmith. You know us. Put our number in your phone, give it to your neighbors, put it in your kids or parents cell phone. Continue reading

Security Lessons To Learn From The Movies

The movies have taught us many lessons in life over the years, but a number of people would raise their eyebrows if you said that films can teach us some great lessons about the security of the residential homes, commercial retail premises, offices and various other buildings. Whether it is a horror movie, an action movie or Home Alone, you can learn a thing or two from what has been committed to celluloid. Here are a few of those tips we’ve picked up from Hollywood: Continue reading

Make Your Home a Less Attractive Opportunity for Burglars

There is a well-known story of a cameraman on a safari that begins to put his running shoes on when he encounters a angry troublesome lion. When his assistant reminds him that he could not possibly out run a lion the cameraman replies that all he needs to do is out run his assistant and he will be fine. In a sense this same principle could be applied to keeping your home protected from burglars because all that is often needed is a system that is better than your neighbour’s. Continue reading

Why Customers Can Trust Their Locksmith

It’s not difficult to imagine how simple it would be for a dishonest locksmith to take advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable situation, like realizing they’re locked out of their home or vehicle. Your local locksmith has every tool needed to not only bail you out of a sticky situation, but also to gain access to your home and vehicle after they come to the rescue. Along the same lines, it’s easy for a locksmith to give one price prior to giving the service and another much higher price after the fact. The customer is at the mercy of the locksmith, leaving them no leverage to dispute the inflated prices. Continue reading

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How can you Test your Home Security System?

You rely on your home security alarm to protect your family in the event of a break-in or fire. Whether you are sleeping in your own bed or away on business, you want to know that your system will work properly when it’s needed most. Test your residential or commercial system on a regular basis to ensure that everything is operating the way it should.
Physical Inspection
It’s important to look at sensors occasionally and make sure they are still in place. A sensor that has fallen out of position is not protecting your residential home, and it should be addressed immediately. Physically inspect all sensors to ensure that they are in place and unbroken before you proceed with the test.
While you are looking at the window sensors, take a moment to check window locks and door locks. Latch them securely and try jiggling the window or door to ensure that they remain locked. This is particularly important on ground-level bedroom windows. Windows that are easily opened are tempting for thieves, and it’s always best to keep them out of the house completely. While the alarm would sound and protect your family, it’s still wise to keep the windows locked and avoid the stress.
Testing Steps
• Start by Calling the Monitoring Company
False alarms are never fun, and you can avoid one easily by calling the monitoring company when you are preparing to test the system. They recommend monthly testing, so they are more than happy to place your account on test while you go through the necessary checks of the system.
• Disable the Siren
You don’t want the siren wailing every time you open a window during the test, so take the time to turn it off. It may be tempting to leave the siren on just to see the neighbors start to twitch, but then they will ignore your alarm if it ever goes off in a real emergency. If you live out in the country and don’t mind the siren, then you can leave it engaged. If you aren’t sure how to turn the siren off, ask the security representative to walk you through the process when you call to inform them of the test.
• Set the Alarm and Start Testing Entries
Methodically move through one room of your house at a time and open the exit doors and windows. Open and close each location, listening to be sure that your alarm has detected the change. Walk back and forth in front of motion detectors to ensure that they sense your movement. Test smoke detectors by using a can of smoke used for testing these systems. Flood sensors can be checked by using a piece of metal to connect the metal prongs on the sensor. This will create the same effect as water and the alarm should sound. Use a carbon monoxide testing kit to make sure CO detectors are working properly.
• Call the Monitoring Company and Turn the System On
A quick phone call will restore service to your alarm and ensure that your home is once again protected. If you have turned off the siren, have the agent step you through turning it back on.
Test Communications with the Alarm Company
Once you know that all sensors are working properly inside the home, you need to make sure that your system will communicate properly with the monitoring company. Arm the system and set it off. While the alarm is going off and sending a signal to the company, you should not have a dial tone on your home phone. If the line is dead or you hear a buzzing similar to a fax tone, then the system needs to be serviced. Notify the company that you will do this ahead of time to avoid a false alarm.
Residential and Commercial Locksmiths
Ask a local locksmith to help you with testing your locks. A alarm system is only as good as it’s weakest link. Have a professional locksmith or security professional help you test your locks and your entire security system. Your family will have a safer place to live if you test your system regularly.
Your Responsibility
The monitoring company is responsible for responding to alarm calls, but you are responsible for maintaining the system inside your home. Most companies expect that you will perform regular checks of the system to ensure that there are not any broken sensors or other problems. They are happy to correct any problems, but it is up to you to notify them of issues.
Personalized Assistance
If the testing process seems a little overwhelming, you don’t have to worry. Help is only a phone call away. Most monitoring companies are happy to step you through the process of testing your system. It’s the best way to ensure that your family remains safe with a working alarm system.
Your home security system provides you with valuable protection from fire, carbon monoxide and break-ins. You can count on the monitoring company to keep an eye on your system, but it’s up to you to test it occasionally. The monitoring company can walk you through the process if you have any questions, but you will see that it is very easy to handle the test yourself. Protect your family by testing your system monthly and making sure that everything is working correctly.


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4 Types of Martial Arts Used for Self Defense

There are many forms of Martial Arts that can be practiced or taught and used for self defense. See a list below for many of the most effective fighting styles from around the world. Remember a professional residential or commercial locksmith is always a great self defense.


1. Japanese & Brazilian Ju-jitsu


Ju-jitsu is a mixture that incorporates grappling, striking, eye gouging, choke holds, joint locks, and biting when practiced. It uses simple movements that are very effective. If attacked with a weapon, you trap the attacker’s arm, deliver a hand strike to his collar area, while pushing him backward and down, locking the wrist that was holding the weapon. If your attacker tries to kick you, you sidestep his kick, pin his leg, and deliver your own kick onto his raised knee, shoving it backward, and then whipping him around by his raised leg. He will go down and will unlikely be able to retaliate from his poor positioning.


2. Western-style Boxing


Western boxers punch, block, bob, and weave back and forth. They are taught repeatedly to “always protect yourself”. The hands are kept held high on both sides of the head with elbows tucked in and the body crouched and ready for action. The front of the upper body is being protected by the forearms and the chin is guarded by the shoulders.


3. The Keysi Fighting Method


The Keysi Fighting Method is a close combat system using every weapon the body can wield quickly, including the head, fists, knees, and elbows which is demonstrated by Christian Bale in Chris Nolan’s Batman movies. Batman regularly engages a fight with five, ten or more bad guys at a time, and while this is somewhat unrealistic, Keysi does focus on warding off multiple attackers.


4. Isreal’s Krav Maga


Krav Maga is Israel’s national martial art and dedicated for the purpose of street survival. It combines western boxing, karate kicks, wrestling, and ju-jitsu ground fighting. This is a simultaneous defense or attack. So instead of blocking an attack and then retaliating, practitioners block attacks and counterstrike simultaneously.  An example would be blocking with the left arm, pushing forward with the legs while striking with the right fist; practically at the same time.

The above mentioned may not be the most popular of the forms of martial arts practiced in the world, but they are a few of the methods of self-defense that can be highly effective. When seeking a martial arts style to study, look for one that offers an all around mix of different disciplines that will help you to be the best prepared when you need to rely on your training. Such styles include MMA (mixed martial arts) schools, taekwondo, ju-jitsu, and American Kenpo.

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