Protecting Your Real State – A Locksmith Article

One of the most important investments of all our life would be a Real Estate investment and it will be for sure one of the most appreciated possessions that we will have on our entire life.


But how can we protect our investment in a secure way? How can we add value to our property without expensive renovations? And how can we protect our family without spending a fortune on private security and other expensive security methods?


Well the answer is very clear we need a security consultant to evaluate the security risks on our real estates and after that implement solutions to effectively manage all the security risks involved.


But a security consultant is an all most all the cases an expensive solution and very overwhelming (unnecessary) in almost all the family’s real estates, so what could be the perfect solution for an average family?


The ideal solution would be a professional, certified, fully bonded and insured locksmith, it has almost all the many advantages and solutions that a security consultant would have, it is cheaper and he can understand and applied ideal solutions for your security risk problems at your real estate investment or family house.


What are some of the solutions that a be a professional, certified, fully bonded and insured locksmith can applied to your real estate investment?.


– Outdoors light on a timer (they will turn on when its dark, even when you are on vacations)
– Motion detector lights (if some approaches to the detector the lights will turn on, so will always know when some is approaching, and it can even trigger an alarm or a call to your security company)
– Installation of high security deadbolts and door locks in general.
– Cameras with motion sensors.
– Installation of double locks.
– And much more.


A professional, certified, fully bonded and insured locksmith can apply all the necessary security measures to bring peace of mind and tranquility to every real estate owner and users, at a very low price compared to what a security consultant will charge for the services and solutions.


So I recommend to you to look for local locksmiths in your area and remember to check if they are insured, fully bonded and certified and that they belong to an accredited organization like ALOA (Associates Locksmiths of America)


Never try to do a job that is designed to professionals, wanting to save some bucks can be expensive at the end.


How to know what locksmith to hire? Always be assure that your locksmith is licensed, insured, and fully bonded, you should look for reviews from people that have contracted him, and that he belongs to a recognized locksmith association like ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) or the BBB (Better Business Bureau).


Where to find a locksmith? It should be easy to find local locksmiths on your area, look at the yellow pages of better Google for it [{city} + locksmith] and you should find plenty of locksmiths in your area but be sure to check out the factors described before to verify the credibility of the locksmith before hiring it.

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Need to Change Locks? Call a Locksmith

Locksmiths have always been the ideal people to contact when it comes to improving the basic security of either your residential home or perhaps even for your business. They provide reliable services in addition to being readily approachable due to their 24-hour assistance policies which are credited as a vital factor with regard to their field’s longevity and relevance. Of course, you won’t exactly require their services unless you’re currently having trouble with your property’s security or simply taking steps to improve upon it. Make sure that you’re aware of your residence’s current dilemma or otherwise any protective equipment which you’d like to install to your humble abode and provide a clear explanation of your ongoing predicament to the locksmith that you’re about to hire. A major percentage consisting any major locksmith’s duty would be to change locks as well as other similar services which are related to their corresponding skills and capabilities.


Most of the common duties that they perform besides change locks would be duplicating extra sets of keys, provide tips on where to store your keys afterwards to ensure that you won’t lose it again later on, be able to assess your home’s security and possibly modify it if he or she is able. More importantly, locksmiths can recommend you as to what types of locks are ideal for your property. Locks for cabinets, file drawers and other storage locations can also be availed of from these reputable lock replacement experts. Closure plans may also be utilized by premium locksmiths to better safeguard massive structures, buildings and complexes. For even tighter security, more technologically-oriented clients will be glad to know that there are other sophisticated security systems such as biometric locks, card locks, numeric code locks, as well as biometric security solutions.


Notable locksmiths expand their services and overall approachability through one or more social media profiles as well as easy-to-access web portals that feature a brief overview of their skills alongside their accomplishments and innovations. Aside from websites owned by locksmith professionals and companies, you can likewise determine the reliability and finesse of any potential professional through feedback from previous clients found in their respective blogs or websites.


There are also online comparison websites which use advanced techniques to find out whether a particular 24 hour locksmith service will suit your needs. You should also keep in mind that the locksmiths you ought to hire should be fully insured and licensed, at least have modest local office or business premises, and proudly own industry wide certification. The typical rates resulting from when locksmith’s change locks may vary from one locksmith to another for every keyhole when applied to residential or commercial security locks. That’s why you should research well first so that you can save.


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The Profession of the Locksmith

The art and science of making and breaking locks is carried out by locksmiths and the profession is known as locksmithing.


Sometimes, referred to as security engineering, a well established method of cracking locks and security systems was known as lock picking. The technology behind making locks has not changed since medieval times. The basic technology involves the ‘pin tumbler’ methodology. Therefore the role of the traditional locksmith has not changed much. However, with the advent of technology in general and digital and lasers, security systems have undergone a metamorphosis. It is only natural that today’s security engineer as he is known as is more adept with laser and computer or digital systems rather than the traditional lock.


In the olden days, a single locksmith would make a lock single handedly. Hours of work with use of files and hammer would produce a single lock. Today the method of manufacturing locks have changed. A same basic design is used with one part being unique to each lock. The role of the locksmith also has evolved where today he is more in repairs rather than manufacturing.


Though their role has reduced in the area of production, certain specialized segments such as family vaults remain the domain of the traditional locksmith. Since these are exclusively designed chances of duplication as in locks which are produced in an assembly line environment.


Locksmiths work out of commercial showrooms, they may be moving around in vehicles and do in-house servicing, employed by a company or forensic locksmiths whose job is to investigate burglaries and unearth evidence for investigations.


A new breed of security engineers or electronic lock servicing locksmiths has emerged. They would work for security companies and design the entire security systems working on access control. The locksmith would evaluate the level of security, the threats and design a security plan according to the threat level. The higher the security level the more expensive it becomes. The locksmith has to do a trade-off between cost and security level for the customer.


The profession of a locksmith has also become specialized. It is common to see locksmiths who deal exclusively on domestic locks and keys, automobile locks. Many have become security consultants. There are various certification levels that a locksmith can acquire today depending on his levels of skills, areas of expertise and experience.


Master locksmith is a term coined by the fraternity of locksmiths who claim to have all round skills. However, many countries now insist on certain Certification and registration requirements before the locksmith can use the tag of Master Locksmith.


With dwindling scope of work due to technological innovations such as digital locks, locksmiths now have increased their scope of work to door hardware, door and window frames, door hinges and electric strikes.


Some common terms used by locksmiths are: Bitting, Bolt stump, Change key, Key blank, Key code, Key origination, Key relevance, Locksmith,Maison key system, Master keying, Rekey, Shear line, Slim Jim (lock pick), Tension wrench, Tubular lock pick.


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Calling a Locksmith for Your Home

Most homeowners don’t think about calling a locksmith unless there’s a problem. However, to safely protect your home, you should turn to these professionals more often than you think. The locks on your doors protect your home. If those locks, for whatever reason, fail you, your possessions and even your safety is on the line. Depending on where you live, this could be a big factor. If you have not done so before, now may be a good time to find a local professional to help you to secure your home. When should you turn to these professionals for help with your home?



You’ve Just Moved In



One of the most important times to change your locks is when you first move in. Even if you got the keys from the real estate agent, that doesn’t mean others don’t have copies of them. This is very common and a big safety concern. You should have a locksmith come to your home and change all locks out of the house. The process takes only a couple of hours at most, but it will provide you with an increased level of security.



You Want to Improve Your Security



Don’t wait until there are burglaries in your area to up the security of your home. It’s a good idea to add additional security through deadbolts. However, new technology is available as well. You may want to use fingerprint technology to ensure that no one you don’t want in, gets in. Sometimes you can also talk to these professionals about other options to secure your home, such as the use of a security system, locks on windows, as well as locks on your connected garage. You may not want to think about it, but these are all access points to your building that you need to protect.



It’s Not Working



You can also call on locksmiths when you are having a problem with the locks you currently have. Perhaps a key was broken off into the door. You may have an electronic system that is not responding properly. Some companies offer round-the-clock care to ensure you can get the doors open properly. You don’t have to try and break into your own home to get the doors to open up. Don’t pry at them either as this can cause damage to the locking mechanism.



It’s a good idea to find a professional locksmith to help you to protect your home before there’s a problem. Have a team come out and inspect what you currently have. They can then make recommendations to you about how to upgrade your system to make it more protecting of your home.



Find a locksmith Queens that can add safety features to your home. Visit the following to learn more about the different type of locks they can install for you:

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