Weak Locks: Picking The Lock On Weak Home Security

If you’re like me when buying a new home, you’re excited beyond belief. The furniture is coming soon, your movers have your boxes organized, and the landscaper is outside installing a new garden. You are busy but excited and love the new digs. Life is great and then BAM! Your home is invaded by a stranger and your valuables are taken right from under you. What?! How did that happen?


New home owners are vulnerable to break ins. This is because your locks are not really YOUR locks. The people that lived in your home before you might have lent out keys, kept a key, or know about a window that doesn’t lock. Before calling the landscaper and maybe even before calling the movers you should call a local locksmith. This is very important and it should be the first thing on your to-do list.


What should you have your locksmith do first? It’s simple really, ask your local locksmith to canvas your new home and find the most vulnerable spots. I say you should replace all the outside locks in your home, but listen to what your locksmith professional has to say first. Imagine the sense of relief and security you will feel after installing brand new locks on your home. Safe and secure!

What will a locksmith most likely tell you? Well replacing the locks on the outside of your home will be the most important thing to do first. After installing new outside locks, you might want to install new locks on your windows. Your home security is only as strong as the weakest entry point! There are many options available and ask your local locksmith what new security technologies you can install at your home. You can never be too safe!

Should I Become a Locksmith?

The locksmith has a very special knowledge set and training, this means you can make a good living if you were to become a locksmith. If you set your mind to it you can become a successful locksmith if you receive the right training.


Most successful locksmiths stay open 24/7 even on the holidays. This is because people lock themselves out all the time, not just when it’s convenient for you. This can be a good thing for people that like to work flexible hours, and people that like to work at night. If you want to work in this profession you should always be on time and have good time management skills.


Who becomes a locksmith? All kinds of people! Usually people that like to work with their hands are gravitated toward this profession. Don’t forget that locksmiths help people in need, so if you enjoy helping people this is a great career path. Locksmiths also must problem solve to do their job. Smart individuals who can get the lock installed right the first time or can choose the right tool for the job are sure to be a great fit.


There are many different types of locksmiths, although some can do all different types of jobs. There are residential locksmiths, industrial locksmiths, commercial locksmiths, emergency locksmiths etc. All locksmiths enjoy the benefits of steady income and helping those in need.

Locked Out Late At Night

Have you ever been in a situation late at night that you would rather not be in? Mistakes happen like locking your keys in the car or just losing a set of keys. This is always a huge hassle, but luckily there are professionals that can help. Many locksmiths including 24/7 Hawk Locksmith are open all hours of the night. Mistakes don’t just happen on sunny days in nice neighborhoods, they can happen anytime. Be sure to prepare for mistakes that are bound to happen at least once.


Hopefully you haven’t lost your cell phone in the process of losing your keys. If you have your phone available program a 24/7 emergency locksmiths number in it. This can be the difference between knocking on doors asking for help, or sitting comfortably by your vehicle waiting for a professional to open your car door. It can be scary out there, so come prepared!


Always use a locksmith that is properly licensed to do the job. A properly accredited locksmith will always have documentation with them, at their shop, or on their person. They are usually very speedy getting to your lock out situation, and will be able to solve your problem immediately.


Save 24/7 Hawk Locksmiths number in your phone for situations like these.

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