Tips for Preventing Burglary

The introduction of the deadbolt in the 1960s dramatically reduced the number of residential burglaries. Today, almost 25 percent of homes have security systems and technological advances like security glass and advanced lock technology have further dissuaded potential burglaries. However, according to the FBI 2010 crime statistics, a burglary occurs in the United States every 14.6 seconds.

At Hawk Locksmith, we have the tools and expertise to assess your security needs and provide a high-tech solution that will help prevent attacks against your home. In addition to our advanced locks, our security experts can recommend a security strategy that best suits your location. Our experience gives us unique insight into modern security in the Seattle area and we have some tips for preventing burglary:

Secure Sliding Windows and Doors

Older sliding doors or windows can be popped right off their frames, even if they’re locked. Adding an extra layer of security with a wooden dowel, metal bar, or other pole will help keep your door secure even if the lock is picked. Additionally, with sliding windows you can use a pole if they slide sideways or placing a nail or two above the window if they slide up to prevent them from being moved more than a few inches. Check your window air conditioning units, too!

Lose the Spare Key

Everyone hides their spare key under the mat or flower pot, so obviously burglars will look for that more often than not. Instead, leave the spare key with a friend or neighbor that lives nearby or use a combination lockbox that contains a spare key.

Prepare before Extended Absences

If you’re going on vacation or leaving your home for extended periods of time, make sure your home is adequately prepared for your leave. Notify the post office to hold your mail (same with the newspaper) so that it doesn’t all pile up, consider installing auto-on/off exterior and interior lights so that your home isn’t dark the whole time, and have your lawn cut or sidewalks shoveled. It all helps create the illusion that someone is monitoring the property.

Consult with an Expert

Our experience can guide your security decisions and identify potential targets for thieves – many you probably wouldn’t consider. Our services include door locks, installations, repairs, replacements, re-keying, and upgrades for any kind of lock. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and have extensive knowledge of home, auto, and commercial security. Contact us today to schedule a security consultation or to discuss your security needs!