How to Prevent Against Seattle Car Prowls

Seattle’s had its fair share of car prowls pop up in recent years and it always seems to be getting worse. In October 2014, the Queen Anne neighborhood experienced a record-high 87 car prowls – and those are just the ones that get reported.

It’s an obnoxious crime that can add up for car owners, even if there’s nothing valuable within the car itself. And because it’s such a difficult crime to enforce, there have been numerous complaints about police response. So what can people do to prevent car prowls in their neighborhoods?

According the Seattle Police Department, residents can do the following to offset the chance they’ll become a victim of a car prowl:

– Park in well-lit, visible areas. If your parking space is not both well-lit and within eye-shot of your home, consider a security monitoring system, installing new lights, and trimming any trees or shrubs that might obstruct your view.

– Clean your car. Prowlers tend to target cards with white Apple chargers in view, wallets, money, electronic devices, purses – even clutter and garbage. If there’s something obstructing the view of your floor or seats, thieves tend to think there’s a chance of something valuable underneath.

– Lock your garage and vehicles. The more you can do to deter thieves, the better the chances they’ll skip your car for a much easier target.

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