3 Ways to Avoid Being Robbed While Out of Town

Lights On!
This is a simple effective way to discourage robbers from entering your home. Leave a couple lights on in your house that can be seen from your front and back windows. People assume that you are home when the lights are on! You may also try leaving a large object next to your window. This object will cast a shadow on your blinds and discourage criminals because they will think that shadow is yours!

Strong Locks
No criminal will be able to steal your belongings if they can’t get in. Have your local locksmith install high security locks on all your doors and windows. You can call your 24 hour locksmith to schedule a time to install to install new locks. Criminals will move onto the next house if they can’t get in easily.

People You Can Trust
This usually refers to your neighbors or family. Have them pick up your newspapers and anything left on your door. Sometimes when a criminal sees many things piled up by your door they know you are on vacation. Also another tip is to have your neighbor park in your driveway while you are gone. Criminals will assume you are home and your possessions will be safe.

Call your local locksmith today to schedule a time to have new locks installed. Locksmiths are experts on the subject of home security, so pick their brains while you’re at it!

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