4 Types of Martial Arts Used for Self Defense

There are many forms of Martial Arts that can be practiced or taught and used for self defense. See a list below for many of the most effective fighting styles from around the world. Remember a professional residential or commercial locksmith is always a great self defense.


1. Japanese & Brazilian Ju-jitsu


Ju-jitsu is a mixture that incorporates grappling, striking, eye gouging, choke holds, joint locks, and biting when practiced. It uses simple movements that are very effective. If attacked with a weapon, you trap the attacker’s arm, deliver a hand strike to his collar area, while pushing him backward and down, locking the wrist that was holding the weapon. If your attacker tries to kick you, you sidestep his kick, pin his leg, and deliver your own kick onto his raised knee, shoving it backward, and then whipping him around by his raised leg. He will go down and will unlikely be able to retaliate from his poor positioning.


2. Western-style Boxing


Western boxers punch, block, bob, and weave back and forth. They are taught repeatedly to “always protect yourself”. The hands are kept held high on both sides of the head with elbows tucked in and the body crouched and ready for action. The front of the upper body is being protected by the forearms and the chin is guarded by the shoulders.


3. The Keysi Fighting Method


The Keysi Fighting Method is a close combat system using every weapon the body can wield quickly, including the head, fists, knees, and elbows which is demonstrated by Christian Bale in Chris Nolan’s Batman movies. Batman regularly engages a fight with five, ten or more bad guys at a time, and while this is somewhat unrealistic, Keysi does focus on warding off multiple attackers.


4. Isreal’s Krav Maga


Krav Maga is Israel’s national martial art and dedicated for the purpose of street survival. It combines western boxing, karate kicks, wrestling, and ju-jitsu ground fighting. This is a simultaneous defense or attack. So instead of blocking an attack and then retaliating, practitioners block attacks and counterstrike simultaneously.  An example would be blocking with the left arm, pushing forward with the legs while striking with the right fist; practically at the same time.

The above mentioned may not be the most popular of the forms of martial arts practiced in the world, but they are a few of the methods of self-defense that can be highly effective. When seeking a martial arts style to study, look for one that offers an all around mix of different disciplines that will help you to be the best prepared when you need to rely on your training. Such styles include MMA (mixed martial arts) schools, taekwondo, ju-jitsu, and American Kenpo.

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