5 Quick Ways to Increase Your Building’s Security

If you’re concerned about the security of your office or warehouse facility, you should be. Thieves consider office buildings prime targets due to their relative ease of access, despite security systems and industrial grade locks. With so many people coming and going on a daily basis, a skilled thief could easily get access to the building during operating hours and prepare for a theft once everyone leaves for the night. Fortunately, a few quick and easy changes to your office could make a big difference in your building’s security and help ward off would-be intruders.

1. Limit Access Points

Buildings with multiple entrances make it much harder to identify intruders, as the means of access are varied. With only one or two entry points, it makes any security measures you implement much more effective, as every person who enters the building must pass by a camera or physical guard. This also allows you to fortify these entrances with higher-grade doors and reinforced glass.

2. Label and Register Office Equipment

Many police departments will take down serial numbers on electronics, including computers and televisions. Take a look around your office: what would you steal if you were looking for valuable items? Labelling electronics with your company’s logo and contact information as well as registering their serial numbers with police will help the recovery process if stolen. Thieves are also less likely to take equipment that’s been labelled, as they’re more difficult to sell in secondary markets like pawn shops.

3. Ensure Your Perimeter and Parking Areas Are Well-Lit

The more likely it is that someone will spot an intruder trying to access your building, the less likely it is that one will try. Thieves look for weak points and areas of easy access when scouting a potential target and darkened doorways or burned-out light bulbs are prime targets for forced entry. Keeping outdoor areas well-lit and monitored will help deter the skilled thief.

4. Use a Sophisticated Key System

Master key systems are nothing new, but they’re the best way to distribute and control access to different areas of your office. A professional locksmith company can devise a system composed of servant keys, maintenance keys, sub-master and master keys as well as a principal (or grand master) key. This makes things easy for owners and building administrators and allows them to limit access to certain areas.

5. Replace Your Locks

Your building should only use Grade 1 locking mechanisms because of their resistance to physical attacks, fire, and forced manipulation. These locks contain no plastic parts and boast the highest levels of fit, finish, and operation. These also tend to offer certain features to ward off sophisticated lock picking systems and drills, but tend to be much more expensive than the more common Grade 2 locks.

If you’re concerned about the integrity of your facility, contact Hawk Locksmith. Our experienced security experts can assess your building’s security standards and detect any weaknesses, making the necessary changes to prevent an unwanted intrusion. Give us a call at 206-725-1200 or use the contact form to get in touch.