The Future Of Home Security: Residential Locksmiths And Keyless Locks

smart locks for residential locksmiths

If you’ve been thinking about boosting your home’s security by installing a new lock, you may be surprised at the huge amount of choices you have. Some of the newer locks available on the market are also some of the most high-tech, and they may have you wondering if you’ll still need your keys in the years to come.


Keyless entry locks and smart locks are becoming more popular with today’s homeowners who rely heavily on their smart phones to keep up with daily life. Smart locks, which are activated by keying in a code on a keypad, or unlocked via your smart phone, are quickly becoming a popular choice for busy homeowners who want something a little more sophisticated and versatile than traditional locks.


Why They’re So Smart


One of the features of many smart locks is the ability to program several access codes for each lock. This allows you to give a temporary access code to neighbors or family members who may need to get inside your home while you aren’t there. You can give your dog walker a code, then deactivate it once they’ve left your house.


Some smart locks can also be remotely accessed via your computer or smart phone, so you can see if you’ve forgotten to lock the door when you left, even when you aren’t there. You can also lock or unlock the door from anywhere in the world. No more rushing home to double-check your door lock; check it and lock it from your phone instead.


Keep Your Keys


Many of the new smart locks work with an existing lock mechanism, or they include one. This means you still have the option of using your key, which can be useful if there is a problem with the power supply to your lock.


Some consumers worry that these smart locks are able to be hacked by computer savvy thieves, but in reality, they are no less secure than a traditional lock that could be picked or bumped open, and they do offer a lot of added convenience.


Talk To Your Residential Locksmith


If you want to install a new smart lock or keyless entry lock in your home, ask your residential locksmith about which ones they recommend. Depending on your home security needs, there’s sure to be a perfect smart lock for you. Let our residential locksmiths make your home secure the smart way, contact us today.

Emergency Locksmiths Can Save Lives

Emergency locksmith services

Ever been in a situation where in your child was accidentally locked inside her room or the house and you could not find your spare keys? Or how about a car accident in which rescuers had a hard time letting the driver and the passengers out because the car door’s lock was jammed and had to be unlocked quickly. These two scenarios are just a few of the many situations where an emergency locksmith can do a lot to help save lives.
There are a lot of 24 hour locksmith services available these days. And the main reason why they exist is to provide locksmithing services during emergencies. With the increase in the number of accidents and other unexpected events that happen every day due to various reasons, emergency locksmithing is definitely very important.
For all of your Seattle area locksmith needs, call in the Hawk, Hawk Locksmith. Make sure you have our phone number in your phone, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We are a top notch family owned and operated Seattle locksmith company that offers 24 hour emergency locksmith services . Give us a call.

Three Important Things to know About Locks

Locks are obviously one of the best way to secure a home or business. What are locks really all about though?


First a you need to know how a lock works. A lock consists of a plug, a cylinder, the pins, and the springs. A lock cylinder is the center piece that holds the bottom pins, it also holds the key. When the key is inserted the, pins will line up and the plug can turn inside the cylinder. The cylinder holds the pins and the springs.


Lock Maintenance

Just like anything, locks need maintenance. Locks can become dirty and hard to use if not taken care of properly. You should lubricate your locks with graphite and not any oils as this will attract dust to all moving parts of your locks. Brush your locks off too so they will not become dirty. You always want your locks to be clean and lubricated. Consult with locksmith professionals before performing any maintenance on your locks.


Lock Repair

Sometimes a lock will need repaired because it is not working, or it may be hard to use. Locks sometimes need to be taken apart, readjusted, and sometimes parts will need to be replaced. A cylinder repair may need to be done, or another repair may need to be made. Sometimes a whole new lock will need to be installed. Call your local locksmith for all home and business lock repairs.


Lock Replacement

It’s recommended that you change your locks every so often. The reason for this is because you want to be the only person with a key, and you want to stay up to date with lock technology. You may have loaned your keys to someone or you may have lost your extra key. Lock replacement is essential for home and business security.


Card Access Systems

Card access security systems are in fact one of the very best ways to create secure a business. Whether your business is small or large, card access systems are a great idea. With one swipe users are able to open any selected areas they have permission to enter. But it’s not just a card! These access systems have many different uses!



What Can They Do?

Card access systems have many different capabilities and functions. With this type of system you are able to track when a door is unlocked, and give cardholders entry to specific doors but restrict entry to others. You are also able to give cards to employees or outside parties and restrict what time of day they are allowed to use their card. You are able to remotely unlock systems and deactivate cards that have been lost or stolen. That’s a lot more than a regular lock can do!



What are My Options?

Card access systems come in many shapes and forms. There have been major advancements in security systems these days, there are a number of choices available. Consumers can combine a number of features such as; biometric finger print readers, key fobs, and numeric PIN’s. With these extra features enabled on a system, you are sure to keep out the bad guys.



Since these systems can be customized so much, their prices can be very different. If you are considering purchasing a card access system, talk to a professional locksmith about your options. You will be able to get just what you need for your businesses security with a customized card access system.