Protect Yourself From Thieves | 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

Unfortunately the world we live in is not always a safe place. Protecting yourself from theft is an important issue. Crime rates are not slowing down anytime soon, so lets protect your possessions from people that want to do wrong.



What Stops Criminals?


Locks! You should have the best locks possible on your home, car, and business. Thieves and robbers can not break into a house that is 100% secure. Some thieves break into houses or steal cars like it is their main job. This means they are experienced in the business of cracking locks. Obtaining the finest locks around and speaking to a professional 24/7 Emergency Locksmith team will help stop thieves in their tracks.



What is the Best Way to Secure My Home?


Locks are of course very important, but there are other ways to defend your home from theft as well. Professional residential 24/7 Emergency Locksmiths can install electronic locks, keypad locking mechanisms, biometric locks, single key entry systems and keyless entry systems. These types of security mechanisms will definitely help keep thieves from gaining entry into your home. If you are serious and need extra security for you home, residential locksmiths can also install security surveillance systems, CCTV cameras, wireless and wired alarms and latest security gadgets.



Equipping your home with the latest locks and security systems will help keep your home and family safe. Most 24/7 Emergency Locksmiths offer free estimates. Call a locksmith in your area to secure your home, you will be glad you did. There is no reason not to put the latest and greatest locks on your home to secure your life.

Perks of our Seattle Locksmith Services

Hiring a locksmith seems like a pretty straightforward process, but with hiring someone to access and protect your most important assets, you need to know the locksmith you’re hiring is trustworthy, professional, and experienced. Hawk Locksmith prides itself on the highest possible customer satisfaction and the value of building relationships with our clients. Here are a few perks of hiring Hawk Locksmith and utilizing our Seattle Locksmith Services:

Timely Response

We have 24/7 emergency locksmith services. Whether you’re a victim of a break-in, need help changing your locks after you move, or simply locked yourself out, we’ll be there in no time. We serve the entire Greater Seattle area, so no matter where you’re located we can send a technician out to you and solve your problem ASAP.


Hawk Locksmith is proud to serve our customers. We have a BBB rating of A+ and we’re fully bonded, licensed, and insured. We offer 24/7 service for all types of locksmithing issues and we can even help assess your security needs for buildings, homes, and offices.


If you decide to call us once, you’ll be sure to call us again. We rely on repeat customers to help our business grow and help us gain referrals, so if we can provide every single customer with the best service we can offer, we’ll be successful. It’s an old-fashioned, small-town approach that’s rare in the 21st century, but one that we believe in.

Contact Hawk Locksmith to find out more about our services and be sure to save our phone number in the event of an emergency.

Seattle Locksmith Best Practices: When Re-Keying is Required

According to the Seattle Police Department, the total number of burglaries reported in 2013 rose 12% from the previous year and robberies rose 11% from 2012. With the increasing criminal activity citywide, security for your home and commercial buildings has never been as important as it is right now.

Hawk Locksmith is dedicated to protecting your building from break-ins, invasions, and unauthorized personnel access. Through our experience in the residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith industries, we can offer guidance as to when re-keying in required.

Lost/Stolen Keys

The feeling of insecurity that comes with a lost or stolen key can be even worse than losing the key itself. For safety, it’s not always a good idea to simply replace lost or stolen keys. Though the chances of the key holder finding and getting access to that specific lock are pretty slim, you’ll sleep better knowing there’s zero chance of that happening with new locks or re-keying.

New Homes/Apartments

If you’ve just moved into a new place and want to ensure the old tenants don’t have access to your personal belongings, getting a re-key or lock replacement is the only way to make sure they don’t have access in the future. We can help you re-key your existing locks or upgrade them to a higher-quality lock system.

Worn or Broken Locks

That fiddly lock isn’t “just like that.” It’s wearing down and the pins aren’t catching like they should. A weak lock is a target to burglars and won’t protect against forced entry as effectively as it should. Rekeying the lock or replacing it with a better quality one is the safe way to go.

Previous Forced Entry

If you’ve recently had a break-in or attempted break-in, it might be a good time to beef up your security and add a more durable security lock. At Hawk Locksmith, we can offer electronic locks, keypad locks, biometric and keyless entry systems to fit all budgets and security needs.

To discuss the security in your home, car, or business, contact Hawk Locksmith for a consultation or to inquire about our replacement and rekeying products and services.


Watch Out For Scams When Calling a Locksmith

While we pride ourselves on offering only the best, most reliable lock and key services, unfortunately there are plenty of scammers out there who would happily part you from your hard earned cash and leave you vulnerable, too. Whether you need an emergency callout to get you back into your home or car, or if you are just looking to replace a lock in a door or window of your home, these tips will help you avoid becoming the victim of dishonest locksmith.

Full disclosure

If your locksmith can’t or won’t provide a realistic quote, the full legal name of their business, and an actual location where they can be found, there’s a good chance they are going to be dishonest. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for criminals to set up fake ‘local’ telephone numbers and addresses online, with promises of low callout fees and quick service, but what you get is just the opposite.

These con artists will often try to bully you into paying hundreds of dollars more than their websites promise, often for shoddy work or cheap locks. If you can’t confirm their name, location and proof that they are licensed, bonded and insured, don’t accept their services.

Get ID

At the very least, your locksmith should be able to show a valid driver’s license as an ID, but most will have company ID’s issued that can be verified by calling their manager. Also, be wary of locksmiths who arrive in unmarked vehicles. Most legitimate businesses will have a company logo on their vehicle or send locksmiths in uniform.


Before letting any work take place, get an estimate. If the estimate given over the phone is different from the one you get on-site, don’t let the locksmith work on your lock.

Bullying tactics

Several national news stories have highlighted the problems with locksmith scammers who promise one thing, but provide something else entirely. Instead of a low cost lock refit or emergency service, they try to bully you into paying hundreds of dollars more than you bargained for. Here are just a few videos about the problem.


Unfortunately, there are hundreds of bogus locksmith services advertising online. Don’t leave yourself or your loved ones vulnerable to these pop-a-lock scammers. We hope these tips help you stay safe when you need to call a locksmith!

Safety and Security Tips For Movers and People Who Are Moving

Sometimes home security can become forgotten about for homeowners and movers. There are many things distracting everyone during a move. The best thing to do is focus on the task at hand and watch out for unsavory characters. Moving your home or business is challenging, so don’t stress and read on for some tips to keep your move safe!



Keep an unpredictable schedule. You never know who your new neighbors will be. For a little while leave your home at different times and come back unexpectedly. Maybe even come home for lunch a couple days a week. If you keep a varied schedule the bad guys will never know when to break in and will move onto an easier target. Don’t be an easy target!



Has your home been lived in before? If so you should consider rekeying the locks. The previous owners might not be the kind of people that you want to have keys! Chances are that they were nice people, but don’t take the chance. Hire a locksmith to rekey all your external locks. If you have important rooms under lock and key inside your home consider rekeying those doors as well. You can never be too safe!



Best of all rekeying won’t break the bank and is a fast fix to a potential hazardous situation. You will also have fantastic working locks that don’t jam up and will work every time after being worked on! The benefits to rekeying out way the cost by quite a lot for a new homeowner. Don’t forget to rekey your shed, cellar, and garage as well.



Crimes happen more often to people who present themselves as victims. After or while you are moving go ahead and introduce yourself to the new neighbors and people around the neighborhood. Make eye contact and present yourself as a strong individual. You will lessen the security threat and make new friends too!



Create a safe environment for your new home and hire a locksmith to rekey!

Weak Locks: Picking The Lock On Weak Home Security

If you’re like me when buying a new home, you’re excited beyond belief. The furniture is coming soon, your movers have your boxes organized, and the landscaper is outside installing a new garden. You are busy but excited and love the new digs. Life is great and then BAM! Your home is invaded by a stranger and your valuables are taken right from under you. What?! How did that happen?


New home owners are vulnerable to break ins. This is because your locks are not really YOUR locks. The people that lived in your home before you might have lent out keys, kept a key, or know about a window that doesn’t lock. Before calling the landscaper and maybe even before calling the movers you should call a local locksmith. This is very important and it should be the first thing on your to-do list.


What should you have your locksmith do first? It’s simple really, ask your local locksmith to canvas your new home and find the most vulnerable spots. I say you should replace all the outside locks in your home, but listen to what your locksmith professional has to say first. Imagine the sense of relief and security you will feel after installing brand new locks on your home. Safe and secure!

What will a locksmith most likely tell you? Well replacing the locks on the outside of your home will be the most important thing to do first. After installing new outside locks, you might want to install new locks on your windows. Your home security is only as strong as the weakest entry point! There are many options available and ask your local locksmith what new security technologies you can install at your home. You can never be too safe!

Lost Keys?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are in a hurry but your keys are nowhere to be found? Lost keys can be a HUGE hassle when your days are non stop. It doesn’t matter where you lose them or who stole them, if you can’t get into your home or vehicle, it’s a problem. The process usually goes like this: My keys are gone! Oh no what do I do?! I won’t be able to get into anything! All is lost and ruined! The right way to think about it is: My keys are gone! Better call a professional locksmith and get this fixed in a snap. See? No stress.



Think you can handle the job alone? Bad idea. Local locksmiths have tons of experience dealing with these problems, after all it is what they do for a living. This means that rekeying your locks and replacing your keys would take a locksmith 1/10th of the time it would take you to do it yourself. Even if you need to get into your car or home right away you run the risk of breaking or damaging your property. It will be more expensive to replace a door, window, or repaint your car than calling a local locksmith right? Ultimately calling an emergency locksmith in these situations will save you time, money, and save you from a lot of stress!



Save your Seattle Metro, Tacoma Metro, Everett Metro, Eastside Metro Locksmiths number in your contacts for emergency situations.











Emergency Locksmith Situations

1) Never Stress

Sometimes being locked out can be a real handful. Don’t let being locked out go to your head. One way to make these situations less stressful is to choose the right local locksmith. Know exactly what you need and explain your situation to your emergency locksmith in detail over the phone.




2) Don’t Pay High Prices

Why should you!? You can find great deals on emergency locksmith services by using the internet. There are tons of locksmith companies out there, but be careful when choosing. Some locksmith companies tell you one price over the phone and charge you a different price when they are finished! Don’t become a victim of these untrustworthy locksmiths and do some research before you ever need to call!




3) Don’t Break In!

Being locked out can be a hassle, but so are broken windows and scratches from coat hangers. Most modern cars are very secure and won’t be able to open with only a coathanger. Emergency locksmiths have tons of tools to help you with a variety of situations. Chances are that a local locksmith will cost less than a car repair shop.

Tips To Stay Safe On Your College Campus

College is a place to learn and a place to find a new you. School is a wonderful place, but be sure to stay safe while you are on campus. There are measures you should take to stay safe in college dorms and around town. Read the following to learn how the right locks and the right precautions can help you stay safe.

Your Housing


Are you staying in a dorm or are you living in a house with roommates? The number one way to keep your new home safe is by installing strong locks. Ask if anyone else has keys to your dorm room and if you are allowed to change to locks. Also you might have your own room in a big house. Add a lock to your door so no one gets in your things, you will feel alot safer by taking this precaution.




It’s no secret that college towns have a large party atmosphere. Make sure your car locks work and are in good condition. Pepper spray is also a good idea, keep this in your purse or on your keys for easy access. Rowdy college parties can be fun, but they can get out of hand. Be sure to know where your friends are and don’t sneak off without telling the people you are with first.


Call a local locksmith to help you create a secure environment in your college housing. Professional locksmiths can help you decide the best security method to keep you safe!

24/7 Emergency Locksmith

Have you ever been in a crazy rush to get somewhere? You ran and packed everything in your car and then closed the door, forgetting that your keys were inside? If you have then you should know how much of a pain it is to get those keys out.



When left locked outside in Seattle Metro, East Side Metro, Tacoma Metro, or Everett Metro you know the winters can be harsh. There’s no time to twiddle your thumbs and try to find a coat hanger, call a local locksmith immediately. The sooner you decide to call an emergency locksmith, the sooner you will be back inside  your warm vehicle. Unlike a traditional residential locksmith or commercial locksmith, an emergency locksmith will be there to help you in a snap. Your local Seattle locksmith Hawk has 24/7 emergency locksmiths standing by!



Have you ever been in such a hurry that you locked your keys inside your home? Don’t worry this happens all the time. An emergency 24/7 locksmith can help get you inside your home in no time at all.



Wondering what happens to your locks? Don’t worry, in most cases your emergency locksmith will be able to pick your lock with no damage at all.



Save the Hawk in your phone so you can have easy and fast access to a professional anytime.