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Hawk Locksmith provides a wide range of services for consumer security requirements. We also provide specialized services like:

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Our service enhances system integrity after locks are repaired or replaced. Older lock systems become vulnerable to criminals with age, making it necessary that keys are replaced and locks are rekeyed, which can incur additional charges. Find out how our locksmith solutions and all of our locksmith services can help you. We keep qualified professionals specialized in handling secure locking problems.

We help you to secure your assets with outstanding locksmith services, and offer a variety of products to meet your specific requirements at Seattle’s most affordable locksmithing prices.

How To Choose The Best Locks For Your Home

types of locks Keeping your home secure is of the utmost importance. It’s your largest asset, it keeps your family warm and safe, and it holds pretty much everything you own. Why risk letting burglars into your home with shoddy locks, when you can have one of our residential locksmiths help you find the best locks for your home?

Here are some tips for choosing the best locks for your house, and a few videos, to help you figure out what type of locks might be right for you.

Do Your Homework

Any lock that you buy should meet minimum standards set by the American National Standards Institute and by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BAMA). While that may be a lot to remember, determining the quality of a lock is pretty easy.

Each lock should be graded on the package. Products will be labelled Grade One, Grade Two or Grade Three, with One being the best quality. The actual grading goes into more detail on the BAMA website, so go there to see how your favorite lock stacks up next to its competitors.

Assess Your Needs

Do you live in a high crime area? Do you have children you need to prevent from leaving the house by themselves? Maybe you need a smartlock so that you can let people in your home when you aren’t there, such as the dog walker or cleaner?

Just be sure that the lock you choose can be safely operated by everyone who needs to use it. It’s no good installing super strong locks that are difficult to open from the inside. In fact, if there were ever to be a fire in your home, you’d want to know that the lock would be easy to operate under those conditions.

Types of locks

There are several basic types of locks, some of which are harder to pick than others. If you live in a high crime area, you want one or more sturdy locks that will make it more difficult for thieves to get into your home.

Spring latch and slip bolt locks are the easiest to open using something other than a key. They lock the doorknob in place, preventing the latch from moving from the door frame. They are easy to install and inexpensive, but also easy to pick and break.

Deadbolts are sturdier locks that actually bolt the door closed. The entire bolt must be moved from the door frame by turning a knob or using a key, making it more difficult to pick. Look for deadbolts made from steel, bronze or brass as they are the sturdiest materials for this type of lock.

No matter what type of lock you have, remember to use it. A great lock will only act as a deterrent if you remember to lock the door behind you. And, don’t worry if you happen to lock yourself out of the house. We’ll be happy to come let you back in again, any time day or night, regardless of what type of lock you have.

5 Different Ways to Inspire Yourself

So you need some inspiration? Maybe life is getting a little dull for you or you just need a change. Here is a list for a little inspiration in your life from your local Seattle locksmith!




1) Take Walks

Yes taking walks can be inspiring. Pick your favorite part of town and get walking. Enjoy the things around you and embrace the moment. Exercise is a great way to get your mind in shape. Make sure not to get locked out of your car!




2) Rearrange Your Space

Pick a space whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or office. Rearrange your furniture and create a whole new look for that space. Find or create a new secret hiding spot for your safe too! This alone will inspire you and you will have fun doing it!




3) Create Something

Pick up some painting supplies and get to creating something new. If you have never tried painting you will be surprised with what you can do! If you don’t like that idea try drawing, writing, or anything you want, maybe even try your hand at the art of locksmithing. Creating something unique with your hands is always a fun and inspiring experience.




4) Music!

What do you listen to? Pump up the tunes! Music can spark your emotions and inspire you to do amazing things. Try listening to a new artist or even a whole new genre.




5) Build Relationships

Try to create new relationships and work on the relationships you do have. Talk to people you usually don’t and call up some old friends. People are always an amazing source of creativity and inspiration. You can always call up Hawk locksmith! We can help you with your locks 24/7.


Don’t stress! And remember Hawk has your back no matter what time it is! 24/7 emergency locksmiths standing by.


Finding the Right Locksmith Company to Handle Locked Keys in Car

Let us face it; you will never know when will be the right time to employ the services of a locksmith since it is not every day that you will have locked keys in car. Instances like these may sometimes happen in a least expected event or perhaps during emergencies. Most of us will then panic or experience breakdowns; however, it is important to steer clear from such event and immediately find the services of a professional locksmith.



But before anything else, one must be able to properly determine that certain locksmith to work for you. In this way, your locked keys in car will be properly resolved, as well as you will be able to save time, money, and most of all benefit from its services.



Here are the important tips to consider when finding a professional locksmith service:



1. Reliable And Trustworthy



These days, it is much easier to check a particular locksmith service over the Internet. You need to meticulously check its profile and read through their claimed services. After which, call or email the service provider to get your locked keys in car problem done.



2. Answers Immediate Calls – 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week



The locksmith provider that you will employ must provide 24 hours / 7 days assistance. There are a few service providers that do not provide such exclusivity; thus, it will only worsen your productive day. In this way, you can always opt for their services when youneed it the most.



3. Proven Track Record



You cannot immediately choose a locksmith company to work for you without knowing their profile and track record. Make sure you consult with them and carefully evaluate their profile along with previous client feedback. In addition, this will ensure that you are employing the right locksmith company that will get your locked keys in car resolved.



4. Clean Work History



Employing a locksmith provider that has a clean work history will save you time and money. You must always ask the company if they ever received negative feedback or was not able to properly carry out previous projects. This will then give you an idea if that company is reliable or not.



5. Affordable That Delivers Quality Service



Being practical these days is just common; however, the affordability must not compromise your prerequisites. Affordable service does not entirely mean it is “low-class”. There are already locksmith companies that provide affordable services with first class outcomes. Moreover, make sure that you check if there are hidden fees so that you will only pay the exact amount.



As you can see, having locked keys in car is a very frustrating experience to encounter. With the help of a professional locksmith service, such predicaments will surely be solved in no time.



Just always remember to keep these tips with you so that your locked keys in car predicament will be resolved.

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