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Licensed Bonded Insured BBB Certified
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Are you a local company ?

Hawk Locksmith located in Washington State serving Greater Seattle area
employs highly trained professional “Security Specialists” technicians who offer a fast
and reliable service to the area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can sleep easy
because our locksmiths offer a comprehensive home security service that includes door
locks, installations, repairs, replacements, re-keying and upgrading any kind of lock.

Is picking lock going to damage my lock?

Lock picking is the art of opening a lock without damaging it or using a key.
This can be done in various ways, but is generally done with special tools for that

What is a bump key ?

Bumping is a method of pin manipulation within locks. It is extremely effective and easy.
This method is turning the world of security upside down.
Locks, which would normally need to be drilled to access, can now be bumped open in
seconds and save the cylinders for you.

When you open my car is it damage it ?

Hawk Locksmith technicians trained professionally and have dozens of tools and
techniques in order to open your car without damages.

Is your company licenses’ bonded and insured in Washington State?

Hawk Locksmith is a bonded, licensed and insured locksmith company: Contractor
Registration Number: CCSQ 24HAHL916LS
We are reliable and have every insurance certificate required to operate in the locksmith
Industry. Because You Need a Reliable Locksmith 24 Hours a Day.

Are you serving the Puget sound area ?

Hawk Locksmith offers a full range of locksmith services all over the Puget Sound area

Are your technician carrying locks in there trucks?

Hawk Locksmith “Security Specialists” carrying in their trucks a large variety of locks to
deal with any kind of emergency service to inshore you feel secure after the job is done.

What is master keying ?

A key which operates the entire master keyed locks in a group, each lock is usually
operated by its own key.
Can be combine as a group of locks so that each is operated by its own change key as
well as by a master key for the entire group of locks.


There are many benefits of a master keyed system, but the overriding one is that
access can be controlled across a building allowing appropriate people access to
defined parts of the building. Secondary advantages mean that individuals can have
access using only a minimum number of keys.

Are you a member of the BBB ?

Hawk Locksmith is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) a national
conglomerate that ensures that companies and organizations meet a certain standard of
customer satisfaction, quality of product, and honest of service.

Do you have an experiences in commercial and industrial locks ?

With our years of experience in the locksmith services to commercial and industrial
business, you can be assured of getting right advice and quality workmanship for your
business needs.

Our commercial and industrial locksmith services include:
– Rekey and repair all commercial and industrial locks
– Key alike all locks
– Supply and install all types of locks
– Safe – sales & services
– All types of commercial and industrial keys cut
– Electronic locks & access control

Hawklocksmith assa

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I manage a condo building and needed emergency service late Friday night. Hawk locksmith was very prompt, professional and friendly. After the weekend I needed to change all of my locks in the building and again they were prompt, finished in the time they said they would, and very professional. I would recommended Hawk Locksmith to anyone needing a locksmith.

Greg Wineland
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