Locksmith Certification

Why would you not be a certified locksmith? If you know your stuff just go get your certification! There’s no need to wait around, certified locksmiths are much more trustworthy than non certified locksmiths.


People Want To Hire The Best
If you’re not the best around, why would I hire you? It’s in the best interest of individuals and businesses alike to hire the best locksmith around. If becoming certified shows that you are infact a trained professional locksmith, then go get your certification! What’s stopping you? Stay competitive in the locksmith industry on today.


What Types Of Certifications Are There?
Depending on your professional locksmithing skills you will want to obtain certain certifications.


The types of certifications are:


Automotive Locksmith Certification
To become a certified automotive locksmith (CAL) you must pass an exam that will test your knowledge of automotive locksmithing and all of the techniques involved. People don’t want just anyone gaining access to their vehicles.


General Locksmith Certification
To become a Registered Locksmith (RL) you must participate and pass classes on the subject of professional locksmithing. Pass the general locksmith course and you will be able to call yourself a registered locksmith.


Certified Registered Locksmith
A certified registered locksmith (CRL) is the next step in certification. A CRL has passed the ten mandatory categories, as well as at least two specialized electives of his or her choice. A CRL has a good understanding of general locksmithing.


Certified Professional Locksmith
To obtain a certified professional locksmith certification (CPL) one must have a CRL. A CPL has completed an additional twelve elective categories. Certified professional locksmiths have a advanced knowledge of general locksmithing and other specialized areas.


Certified Master Locksmith
A certified master locksmith (CML) is the highest level of locksmith certification. A CML has the most advanced knowledge of locksmithing and electronic locking systems. The certified master locksmith has undergone rigorous tests, written examinations, and thirty six categories. The CML has proven their skill sets.


Certified Professional Safe Technician
A certified professional safe tech (CPS) has proven their skills in 17 different related categories. Some of these categories are The Theory of Manipulation, Safe Lock Installation, Basic Safe and Lock Construction, Safe Installation, GSA Equipment, Safe and Vault Door, Adjustments/Alignment, and many more.


Certified Master Safe Technician
A certified master safe tech (CMST) is the highest level of safe technicians. A CMST has proven advanced proficiency in safe and vault related categories. These highly trained locksmith professionals can be trusted to open just about any safe.


People want to hire the best locksmiths possible. Becoming a certified professional locksmith guarantees that people will respect your ability to do your job thoroughly. Certification is very important in the locksmith industry, why not be the best?

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