Make Your Home a Less Attractive Opportunity for Burglars

There is a well-known story of a cameraman on a safari that begins to put his running shoes on when he encounters a angry troublesome lion. When his assistant reminds him that he could not possibly out run a lion the cameraman replies that all he needs to do is out run his assistant and he will be fine. In a sense this same principle could be applied to keeping your home protected from burglars because all that is often needed is a system that is better than your neighbour’s.
With this in mind it is important to remember that the vast majority of burglaries are opportunistic and that burglars do usually check out a property first before deciding to try and enter. There are ways that you can make your home appear a much less attractive proposition than the others around it.


  • Leaving house lights on
  • Having alarm systems for home security clearly visible
  • Using clearly solid doors, hinges and locks that will impeded entry
  • “Beware of the dog” signs
  • Visible CCTV equipment
  • Neighbourhood watch plaques
  • Brightly lit exteriors

Maintain the Deterrent
Home security is not just about being able to stop people gaining entry and alerting you and others to their presence; it is also about stopping them from trying in the very first place. Local residential locksmiths will be able to secure your home, but criminals would much rather not even try if your home looks secure in the first place. Any criminal would much rather stay clear of the authorities if at all possible and would much rather take opportunities that present a lower risk of getting caught out.
Even something as simple as leaving a light on before you go out could give the impression of somebody being at home, which will more than likely result in the burglar looking elsewhere. A “beware of the dog” sign could be an effective deterrent even when there is no dog present in the home at all and a neighbourhood watch plaque could make the burglar concerned that there may be eyes on them, even if they are not those of the owner of the house.
When you are considering your home security, remember that it is very important to bear in mind it is best to stop any potential intruders from even attempting to try it in the first place. As with the case of the cameraman needing to run faster than his assistant only, home security could be a case of making your home a less desirable target than those around it.
If you want burglars to know that your home will present a high risk opportunity, having alarm systems for home security is a good place to begin.
Sometimes even these techniques will not work! In this case you should hire a local residential, commercial, or industrial locksmith to secure your locks. These local locksmiths will ensure the safety of your home or business.

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