Replacing Antique Brass Door Knobs

Antiques do wear out, so your antique brass door knobs will too; replacing them is not a hard job either and shouldn’t really take your more than half an hour to do. Whether your door knobs have worn out and you need new ones; you have little children and need something more practical or the antiques no longer fit in with the style of your house, replacing them is simple and easy and could dramatically improve the look of your home.



It’s important to remember though, if your door knob is not broken and you do like the style then you may not need a new one; follow the instructions and take it off then give it a quick clean with a brass cleaner. A clean brass door knob will look just like a new one and could save you a lot of money.



The first thing you need to do when changing or replacing your door knobs is to remove the trim. The trim is the circular plate that is attached to the door at the base of the door knob; it is usually attached with two screws, however, sometimes it will be stuck on to the door so will need to be carefully pried away with a flat screwdriver. When doing this you should always be careful not to damage the door underneath. As you take off each part of the door knob and locking mechanism, lay it out on the floor so that you can use it as a guide to put it back together.



Next you need to take off the doorknob; you can do this by taking out the screws that are holding it to the door. When you have taken out the screws, hold on to each side of the knob and pull them apart at the same time. After this you’ll have to remove the lock mechanism from within the door; to do this just remove the screws and then pull it out.
To put the new door knob on you should follow the same few steps that you went through to take it off, only backwards. You should fix the trim to the door first and then put one side of the door knob in its place, and then the other side. Be sure to line the two door knobs up using the two long screws provided.



You should make sure that the door knob is screwed on properly; this is easy if you screw each of the long crews in, in turn and then make sure the door knob is fitted tightly.



While you are at it you should call a residential locksmith to update all your modern locks around the house. Professional residential and commercial locksmiths can dramatically improve the look, security, and feel of your locks.



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