Security Lessons To Learn From The Movies

The movies have taught us many lessons in life over the years, but a number of people would raise their eyebrows if you said that films can teach us some great lessons about the security of the residential homes, commercial retail premises, offices and various other buildings. Whether it is a horror movie, an action movie or Home Alone, you can learn a thing or two from what has been committed to celluloid. Here are a few of those tips we’ve picked up from Hollywood:
Secure Your Windows and Doors
There’s nothing a vampire, zombie (or horde of zombies) or action movie villain likes more than to come to your home and gain access easily. Most horror films involve a monster of some kind chasing girls around a house, and all they usually have to do is give a window or door a good kick to be inside. To keep zombies banging at the door, keep your windows and doors double glazed and fitted to a high standard, and think about having security roller shutters installed. A local residential locksmith can help you. It won’t make for a great movie, but it’ll keep your home secure.
Get Fitted with Alarms
Intruders just love entering a home that has no security in place. Unfortunately in action films, the clever villains usually have a geek on hand to disable the alarms and security systems. At least in the real world, the chances of your office or shop being attacked by evil terrorists or Die Hard villains is fairly slim, but anybody who has the idea of breaking into your premises should be met with a quality security alarm that will notify the police that something is amiss.
Tell Your Neighbours You’re Going Away
Poor old Kevin McAllister from Home Alone. His family were so preoccupied with getting all of their ridiculously huge family onto the bus and then onto the plane for the Christmas vacation that they managed to leave him at home. The film might have been ruined if this had been the case, but it might have been a good idea for the neighbours to be made aware that the family were going away. Kevin would have been found and helped out long before the two hapless burglars could have attempted to burgle the house. Although having said that, it’s far funnier to watch the burglars being blowtorched, thrown down stairs and hit with very hard household objects.
Insure Your Home
One scene you never see in a horror movie or a thriller – and this is a good thing – is the scene where the family have to call their insurance company after the rampaging monster or serial killer has destroyed their home whilst trying to butcher everybody inside. Another scene you never see is when the family calls a local residential or commercial locksmith to secure their home. It would be a little bit of a buzz kill, but it should give viewers the idea that it is a very good idea to have their home and contents insured. It might not be Freddy Krueger that ransacks your home, but if a burglar was to break in and make a mess of your home, you would want to be secure in the knowledge that you were covered for loss and damage of belongings.
Daley is a keen movie fan with a side interest in security for homes and businesses. He works with All in One to ensure that all types of property can have the highest standard of security.

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