The 4 Most Common Locksmith Services

Everyone knows locksmiths open locks and install them, but what types of other services do they offer?



Residential Locksmith

These locksmiths work on and around your home. They fix up old locks and replace them when needed. Home owners generally use their services to secure their property and make sure no bad guys get in. These guys can cut keys for you and help you with home safes. Make sure to ask a residential locksmith for security advice to make your home stronger.




A commercial locksmith helps around businesses big and small. These guys can help install security systems in buildings with many different access points. If you need card access systems, these are your guys. Biometric Locks (Fingerprint) can be installed for an even greater level of security. Ask your local locksmith what they can do for you.




The automotive locksmith can help you in a few different ways. They are specialists in cars and car keys which can be very tricky. Due to their being so many different makes and models, it can be hard for an auto locksmith to do his or her job. Not all locksmiths can work on tricky car locks, so be sure to call ahead and ask!




Emergency locksmiths are often called upon by people in need. Have you ever locked your keys in the car or needed to get into somewhere without a key? That’s what they do. Make sure to have identification, they won’t open the door to anyone’s car or home besides yours! Hopefully you won’t be needing the services of a 24 hour emergency locksmith, but if you do make sure to save the number in your phone.


Below are 24/7 Hawk Locksmith numbers and locations.


Snohomish County – Everett Metro :
425-557-1596 & 800-530-4295


East Side King – Bellevue Metro :
425-454-1829 & 800-530-4295


Greater Seattle – King County :
206-725-1200 & 800-530-4295


S. King & Pierce County – Tacoma Metro :
253-839-4740 & 800-530-4295

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