The History Of Locksmithing

A Long History
The history of locks and locksmithing began a very long time ago. Locks were used on city gates and places that needed secured as far back as the old testament. They were made of wood and were not nearly as secure as the locks of the 21st century. Locks today have pins and tumblers, and have advanced very far since those days.

Romans and Locks
The Romans created the first metal locks based on the ancient Egyptians first locks. These locks had pins, keys, and keyholes. The Romans made these keys with very decorative with flowery designs. Their locksmith solutions were not the greatest, but they were somewhat ahead of their time. The Romans also made miniature keys that could be worn as rings, a very useful fashion accessory. These locks were relatively easy to pick, but they were the blueprints to the modern pin and tumbler locks today.

Modern Technology
Today master locksmiths have created amazing locks that are virtually impossible to open without a key. Today we have 24/7 locksmiths that can show up at your door anytime! The locksmithing industry has grown leaps and bounds since the old days. People can now put locks on their cars, homes, businesses, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Emergency locksmith services are even available today.

Without the early beginnings of the locksmith trade, locks may have looked a lot different. Some locks today still use some of the same concepts that the early egyptians and Romans had implemented. There is a lot of very interesting information out there on the history of locksmiths, go check it out for yourself!

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