Top Tips And Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

Use A Little Common Sense


The idea of a break-in, home invasion, theft of property or other crime is terrifying. No one wants to think that a criminal would strike where they live, among their family and their most precious and personal possessions. Unfortunately, criminals choose their targets indiscriminately, but they do keep an eye out for people who are unfamiliar with their tactics, which is why it is important to remember the following things.


Stranger Danger


Never allow a stranger into your home who was not invited or requested. No legitimate salesperson goes door to door nowadays and whatever service is being offered to you is not worth the breach in your family’s safety. If you have an unfamiliar repairman or service person in your home, try not to leave them unattended for any amount of time, but if you have to, remove any valuables from the room they are in before they arrive, and after they leave, check all of the locks on surrounding doors and windows. Hire a professional residential or commercial locksmith to help you stay secure. A common burglar trick is to case a house during their day job and leave a door or window unlocked so that they can come back later. Be aware.


Stay Safe, Even On Vacation


If your family likes to take a long vacation, there are tips you can use to make sure that your house looks lived in. Criminals often target homes that look as though no one has been there in a while. Purchase light switch timers for your home. They turn lights in main living areas on at the time of your choice, usually in the evening after a typical work shift, and then can be set to turn off at whatever you would consider a reasonable bedtime. Have a trusted friend and closely located neighbor park their car or a spare car in your driveway while you are away, and have them remove any flyers, newspaper or mail from the front of your house, as an accumulation of these things can make it obvious no one is there. If it is wintertime, offer to pay them to shovel your driveway and salt your walk in the event of snow so that your house appears further lived in. Of course, nothing beats the protection of a home security system. Take what you have learned here and apply these strategies to your life to enhance the safety of your home and your sense of well being.


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