Vacations and Security

Read below and learn some tips to stop home burglaries, and more. Vacation time is a prime time for thieves and criminals to strike your home and strip you of your valuables. Don’t let that happen! Make sure a professional locksmith looks over your home before you leave town.


The Obvious
Some criminals will leave door hangers or something you have to pick up. If you don’t pick up the door hangers or your newspaper, you might be a prime target. Ask a neighbor or friend to pick up anything left in your front yard. Also leave a light on in the front of your home, your porch light and a light in the living room will do.


Borrow a Car
Are you taking your only car on vacation? Ask a neighbor or friend to park in your driveway while you are gone. Nothing says “i’m not home” like not having a car parked in front of your home. If you have an extra car park it in the driveway, and be sure to lock it!


Are you having a landscape crew, tree trimmers, or other people working around your home while you’re gone? Make sure to tell your contractor that someone will be home while you’re on vacation. This tactic will reduce the risk of a possible break in.


If you follow all these tips your risk of a break in will be greatly reduced. Sometimes the only thing that will work in a strong lock! Call a local locksmith to figure out how to secure your home from the bad guys!

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